Advertisements and Sponsorships

Welcome to Statural! We appreciate your interest in purchasing advertisement or providing a sponsorship to our company. Statural provides resources and news posts on five major categories in today’s news. Focusing on growing markets, we expect high growth value throughout our first years of operation. Our posts provide unbiased information through our news category, and we provide detailed, accurate information throughout the other four categories.

We believe in providing quality content for all types of consumers and generations. Our goal is to provide honest and trustworthy news and posts, while providing multiple categories, to convince and retain news consumers. 

Receiving sponsorships and funding allows us to expand our horizons, hiring editors, writers, and creating more quality content to spread with the world. It also allows your product or company to be spread to a community growing at a rapid pace, which received one thousand views after two weeks of operation.

In terms of advertisements and sponsorships, Statural accepts sponsored posts and brand ambassador partnerships. We will only review and/or accept sponsorships and products that we believe in, and we hold the right to refuse your request. If you are interested in providing an offer or business deal, please use the contact form below.